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Persona 5 Royal Introduces The New Confidant And Overall Good Guy Takuto Maruki With A New Trailer



    Atlus shared a new trailer for Persona 5 Royal that introduces us to one of its new characters, Takuto Maruki, who is a student counselor at Shujin Academy and one of the protagonist’s Confidants.


    The Arcana associated with Takuto Maruki is “Consultant.” In the trailer we see how he first meets the protagonist, Ryuji, and Ann. He asks if any of them are interested in counseling and gets thrown off by Ryuji’s straight forward “Not really.”


    He then tries persuading them by saying they’re offering snacks and notes that “it might not be all-you-can-eat but enough to eat quite a bit.” You’re given the choice of “I’m not a kid” or “Let’s hear more” but they go with the latter in the video which prompts Ann to tell the protagonist to not get baited like that.


    The last bit we see the group participating in cleaning activities. Takuto is in charge of cooking, and he seems to know a thing or two about what he’s doing. However, after getting praised for his insight in cooking, he pushes his luck when he tries the “Salt Bae” move and gets it on one of the girls.


    Persona 5 The Royal releases in Japan on October 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in the West in Spring 2020. Check our previous report for a Season Reveal trailer for the West, and here for the latest batch of screenshots and details.

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