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Persona 5’s Prologue Starts With The Protagonist Beating Up A Harasser And Getting Arrested



We’ve seen Persona 5’s protagonist being interrogated by the police and always wondered what was going on with that. The latest information from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine sheds some light on the topic, plus more on the world, and game progression. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt.]



  • The protagonist saves a woman who was being harassed by a man, but he then gets arrested after the police sees the injuries on the offender. He is then placed on probation. In order to fight against the wait of probation, he becomes a Phantom Thief.


  • A woman named “Sae Niijima” dressed in a suit makes an appearance. Could she be Makoto’s mother?


  • The Phantom Thieves’ activities gets attention from the government and police, and we’ll see all kinds of mysterious incidents going on in the streets.



  • The Other World: The protagonist and company will use a mysterious app called “Isekainabi” (Other World Navi) to infiltrate into “Palace,” a world that shows the distorted mind of adults. By stealing the hidden greed “Treasure” in there, they’re able to reform the target.


  • Game Progression: Likely to take place over the course of a year as we saw in Persona 3 and Persona 4. You’ll be able to take on part-time jobs or go out and have fun. There are events such as sea bathing, school festival, school excursions and field trips.



The following are some highlights from Persona 5 Director and Creative Producer Katsura Hashino.


  • Hashino is confident that those who get to play the game will like it, but they’ll keep working on it while keeping a close eye to all the details until the deadline.


  • Persona 5 is packed with elements that will make fans feel the enjoyment of playing a Picaresque novel.


  • The idea of being a high school student during everyday life and a Persona-user during the non-everyday life will have bigger implications this time around.


  • Each Persona are made as outlaws to reflect the characteristics of Palace, and when they might even change into something completely different when they evolve.


  • The reason the Velvet Room is like a prison is one of the big mysteries of the story.


  • The twins Caroline and Justine are the prison guards of the Velvet Room who show childlike innocent and sharp attitudes towards the protagonist who must be corrected in order to get back his freedom.


  • The story has multiple layers along with tricky story developments going on in some parts, but it’s made in a way that you can immerse into the world of the game.


Persona 5 will release in Japan on September 15, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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