As previously reported, Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting new job classes in September. Three classes—Fighter, Gunner and Techer—are being added to the game, and you can check them out in the trailer below that shows off the contents of this next update.



Phantasy Star Online 2 producer, Satoshi Sakai, also provided an update regarding the new classes at the game’s official development blog. Here are a few details:



Can use Brave Stance and Wise Stance skills. In the case of Brave Stance, attacking an enemy head on results in higher damage. Conversely, attacking from behind results in lower damage. Wise Stance is the exact opposite.

Fighters can use: Double Sabers, Twin Dagger, Knuckles, and Gunslash.



Can use Chain Trigger skill. This increases your chain count if you attack your enemy in an area you used the skill on. Chain Trigger has a complementary skill called Chain Finish that increases your Photon Art damage, depending on your chain.

Gunners can use: Twin Machineguns, Assault Rifle, and Gunslash.



Can use Territory Burst skill. This increases the range of your Support Technic’s effect. Another skill called PP Convert increases your PP recovery rate but reduces your maximum HP.

Techers can use: Wand, Talis and Gunslash.


You can find screenshots of all three classes using their various weapons in Sakai’s new post at the link above.


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