Sega have released a new trailer along with information on the next major update for Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan. You can view the trailer below, followed by a list of the updates that will be added to the game come September 26th.



Otsukimi Lobby:

This is a limited time event based on the real-life “Otsukimi” festival, where people honour the autumn moon with offerings and display decorations made with Japanese pampas grass. The Otsukimi Lobby, which will be live from September 26th – October 24th will attempt to recreate the festival in-game, right down to the decorations.


Ship Transfer:

Players will be given the option to transfer their character to a different ship. The move will set you back 700 AC, and you can only do this once every 120 hours.


Team Room:

Team Rooms let you set up a base for your team. The room is open to all team members and can be used for facilities such as the team storage box (premium-set feature). Team Points—obtained through Team Orders—can be spent on extending the functionality of the room.


Team Boost and Rankings:

The Team Room has a Photon Tree in it that you can water (this requires spending Team Points). Taking care of your Photon Tree will allow for stat increases and other effects. Meanwhile, Team Rankings is a ranking of who has more Team Points. Winning the rankings nets you a trophy to display in your Team Room.


Other features included in the update are:

  • A Time Attack quest.
  • New story quests added .
  • Autumn Full Moon Scratch that gets you new costumes (below).



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