image Kadokawa Games has a new take on the ever growing virtual girlfriend genre. Photo Kano (note: kano is an abbreviation of "girlfriend") begins when you, a sophomore at Hikarigawa Academy, get a camera from your dad. Fascinated by the gift, you decide to bring it to school to take pictures.


The goal of Photo Kano is to talk with the girls using the game’s biorhythm matching system to build a relationship so the girls will pose in photos. Famitsu shows three girls and mentions a couple of locations such as classroom, pool, and the nurse’s office. Depending on your relationship level, the girls can pose different ways and some may be a little ecchi.


Photo Kano is designed to make the PSP the camera. Players press the R button to take pictures and can take pictures in vertical mode. Ichiro Sugiyama, producer of Kimi Kiss and True Love Story, is working on Photo Kano, which is slated for release next year in Japan.

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