Pikachu and Gengar Pokemon Squishmallows Reportedly Sighted at Walmart

Pikachu and Gengar Pokemon Squishmallows Reportedly Sighted at Walmart

While Jazwares said the Pikachu and Gengar Pokemon Squishmallows wouldn’t appear again until Spring 2023, people are reporting sightings at Walmart. On the Squishmallow subreddit, multiple users reported seeing the 10” plush toys at local Walmart stores. [Thanks, Playful_Razzmatazz_5, Sugoikay, and Mzumwalde23 on Reddit!]

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Two of the users reporting Walmart Pokemon Squishmallows noted seeing Pikachu and Gengar in Ohio. The third saw the plush toys in Washington.

Here’s the video from Mzumwalde23 on Reddit. It showed a $14.9 price for the toys. They were in a cardboard container with pictures of Pikachu and Gengar on it.

And this is Playful_Razzmatazz_5’s photo of the selection seen in a Washington Walmart.

The Pokemon Squishmallows first appeared at the Pokemon Center online on November 22, 2022. Pikachu and Gengar each cost $29.99 at the time. That version of the plush was 12″ tall, had a special embroidered marking on the back and a tag noting it came from the Pokemon Center. They sold out within hours of launching on the storefront.

After that, Jazwares came out to confirm more of the stuffed animals would appear. It offered a tentative Spring 2023 release window for the restock. It also noted that this next run would appear in different sizes and local retailers.

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