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PlatinumGames’ Sol Cresta Delayed To 2022

Sol Cresta Delay

PlatinumGames’ upcoming shoot ’em up Sol Cresta will not be available in 2021. In a live stream titled Hideki Kamiya’s Very Sorry Stream, the creative director led the team in apologizing for delaying the game to 2022, while providing more gameplay footage.

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Sol Cresta‘s producer Takahito Washisaka accompanied Kamiya in the stream. While the director Takanori Sato was also slated to appear, he ended up not appearing to focus on the game’s development.

PlatinumGames initially planned to release¬†Sol Cresta on December 9, 2021. However, Kamiya explained in the stream that the team wants to improve the title’s quality and include new ideas into the game. Kamiya would rather defend the game’s quality threshold than the deadline schedule.

To compensate for the delay, PlatinumGames showed more gameplay footage in the same stream. It showed the second stage of the main mode and the five minutes long score-gaining Caravan mode. It also revealed that Sol Cresta will have in-game achievements. Washisaka also showed how the game is playable on a vertical screen, while Kamiya personally played the game installed on an arcade cabinet. PlatinumGames concluded the stream by showing the game’s opening movie.

Sol Cresta will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022. PlatinumGames will announce the game’s new release date after the 2022 New Year’s Day.

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