Play Arts Kai Cloud Dress Version Completed Sam’s Quests

Cloud Dress Version

Cloud Strife is the best-dressed person in¬†Final Fantasy VII Remake, and that’s about to translate to the real world. Square Enix announced a new Play Arts Kai Cloud Dress Version figure. It’s based on Cloud’s dolled-up look from Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Wall Market segment.

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In the segment, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith infiltrate the lawless, decadent paradise of Midgar’s Sector 6 Slums area. Their objective to interrogate local hedonist/crime boss Don Corneo is complicated by the Don’s love of his “brides”. Cloud is forced to dress the part, with the help of Aerith and the people of the Market, giving rise to the iconic Cloud Dress Version costume.

The Play Arts Kai Cloud Dress Version figure is patterned after a specific look Cloud adopts to get close to Don Corneo. In the game, Cloud’s dress design is determined by the side quests the player completes while in the area. Completing no side quests puts Cloud in a basic black dress. Doing quests massage purveyor Madam M unlocks a lavender gown with white frills. However, Chocobo Sam’s side quests unlock the dress the figure takes its inspiration from. The figure thus wears saloon girl outfit with a tight bodice and thin sleeves. The color scheme is more purple-and-blue than black-and-blue this time, though.

Check out some photos of the Cloud Dress Version Play Arts Kai figure in the gallery.

The figure is available for pre-order via the Square Enix store, with a July 2023 release date. It’ll cost $194.99 USD. A larger, non-poseable Static Arts version of the figure costs $199.99 USD and is expected in November 2023.¬†Unlike the recently announced Bring Arts Cloud Strife action figure, neither figure includes any NFTs or cryptocurrency integrations.

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