Players Of The Tomorrow Children’s Alpha Version Created Some Weird Stuff

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PlayStation Japan has released an overview video of Q-Games’s sandbox action game The Tomorrow Children. It features footage captured from the game’s recent closed alpha build. You can view it above.


Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games narrates over the video footage to explain what you’re watching. Cuthbert explains that you play as a “projection clone” that has been sent out into the voidspace, which is all that’s left of the Earth after a failed experiment in 1960s Soviet Russia.


Your goal is to restore humanity by collecting Matryoshka dolls found on various islands and after defeating monsters in the game’s world. It’s played online with other players and so the idea is for you to work collaboratively to restore as much as the world as possible, building it brick by brick from the resources you dig up.


You can see some of the creations that players of the alpha build came up with in the video. This includes a strange and enclosed TV room, a helter skelter that stretches high up into the sky, and that you can float gently down from by using a parasol. You’ll also see a Godzilla-like creature being defeated, hover cars being  driven, and an island that looks like a whale.


You can find out more about The Tomorrow Children in Siliconera’s preview from the PlayStation Experience event.

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