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Playstation 3 Prepaid Tickets To Hit Japan Soon




Well it was really a matter of time before Sony jumped on the "prepaid ticket" ship like Microsoft and Nintendo have already established with their respective virtual marketplaces.


IGN reports that effective sometime in June, Sony of Japan will begin selling four prepaid Playstation Network tickets across various convenience stores in Japan such as Daily Yamazaki (pictured above) and Family Mart. Each of the four tickets has a value of 1,000 yen ($8.34 USD), 3,000 yen ($25 USD), 5,000 yen ($41.72 USD), and 10,000 yen ($84.44 USD) and comes with a 12 digit code that can be fed through the Playstation Store to add more monies to your e-wallet; and each of the tickets can be payed for at 26,000 post office ATM though registeration via a mobile website is required. God bless for quick currency conversion!


No word on whether or not these prepaid cards will hit regions outside Japan or programs similar to this one will arise. I guess that means now those with a Japanese Playstation 3 or a U.S. Playstation 3 with a Japanese master account can finally purchase Japanese PSOne/PSN games from the Japanese Playstation Store?

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