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PlayStation 5 Has Surpassed 1 Million Units Sold in Japan

PlayStation 5 has reached 1 million sales in Japan

According to Famitsu, the PlayStation 5 has surpassed one million units sold in Japan alone. This number combines sales of both the regular console and the disc-less Digital Edition in the country. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Japan was one of the countries that saw the PS5 launch earlier, on November 12, 2020. Famitsu revealed that as of September 5, 2021, there had been 847,421 regular PS5s and 165,235 Digital Editions sold in Japan. Both figures combine to 1,012,656 units. The console reached this Japanese milestone in 43 weeks, or almost ten months.

Despite frequent reports of stock shortages, the PlayStation 5 reached one million sales in Japan faster than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. It took around one year for the PS4 to reach the same number after the console came to Japan later than most countries in February 2014. However, the PlayStation 3 still edged out the PlayStation 5 by reaching the Japanese million mark in just nine months.

Additionally, Famitsu also reported that the highest-selling PS5 game in Japan to date is Resident Evil Village. Capcom had sold around 67 thousand physical PS5 copies in the country as of August 29, 2021. The game’s sales surpassed 4.5 million units worldwide on all platforms combined in July 2021.

The PlayStation 5 is immediately available worldwide. In August 2021, Sony announced that it had sold over 10.1 million PS5 units worldwide. However, the console had yet to reach a million in Japan at that time.

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