Pokemon Center Spring Kitchenware Items Feature Pikachu and Shaymin

pokemon center lovely flowers with pikachu kitchenware

The Pokemon Center will sell flower-themed Pokemon kitchenware featuring Pikachu starting on March 27, 2021 in Japan. The online store will have the items in stock earlier than the brick-and-mortar locations, starting from March 25 at 10 P.M. JST. Aside from Pikachu, Comfey and Shaymin are also included in the designs. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The series is called “Lovely Flowers With Pikachu,” and there are two main visuals. The first is a picture of Comfey wrapping itself around Pikachu’s neck like a necklace. The second is Pikachu gifting Shaymin a flower. The crockery comes in pale pink and blue-grey. The pancake pan is the only item among this line of merchandise to have only Pikachu and no flowers.

The product line-up is:

  • Small plates (¥880 each)
  • Medium plates (¥1320 each)
  • Oval bowl (¥1650 each)
  • Mugs (¥1100 each)
  • Teapot (¥2750)
  • Heat-resistant double wall glass cup (¥1650)
  • Dessert spoon and fork (¥1320)
  • Dinner spoon and fork (¥1760)
  • Ladle (¥1650)
  • Spatula (¥1650)
  • Tongs (¥1650)
  • Double-sided cutting board (¥1650)
  • Pancake pan (¥2750)
  • Table mat (¥1100)
  • Coaster set (¥495)

Here is what the products look like:

Please note that there are currently no close-up pictures of the cooking utensils or cutlery on the official Pokemon Center website.

This is not the only set of pastel Pokemon merchandise coming out for spring. The “Sweet Scent” series of goods is coming out later in March 2021. Just like the Lovely Flowers With Pikachu line, the Sweet Scent series will have a slightly staggered release schedule. The online store’s stock will be available from March 18, 2021, and the physical locations will start selling their products on March 20, 2021.

The Lovely Flowers With Pikachu Pokemon kitchenware line of merchandise will be available online in Japan on March 25, 2021 and in physical locations on March 27, 2021.

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