Pokemon Company and Original Stitch Team Up For Custom Pokemon Masks

Pokemon Masks

The Pokemon Company and custom dress shirt retailer Original Stitch’s collaboration brand “Pokemon Shirts” now offers customizable Pokemon masks. Like the dress shirts we saw last year, you can customize masks with fabrics based on the 151 original Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue (Green).

Customizing a Pokemon mask on the Original Stitch site is simple. You start by selecting one of the 151 Pokemon here on the Japanese website. From there, it prompts you to select a color for the interior mesh of the Pokemon mask. The optional colors are white, black, pink, and blue. There are only two options for the size with small and medium. The price is 1,800 yen plus tax each.

The above images show the Slowbro (M) and Slowpoke (S) masks on the left and a Mewtwo (M) on the right. There’s a lot of variety in fabric designs, but you can check ’em all by clicking on any of the 151 Pokemon on the shop page.

The custom masks are currently only available to order in Japan. However, Original Stitch announced that the masks would be available in other countries later. The custom Pokemon Shirts are available in these countries and regions, so we’ll likely see the mask option appear later.

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