Pokemon Concierge Animated Series Announced

Pokemon Concierge

The Pokemon Company and Netflix are working together to bring a new Pokemon animated series to the service. It’s called Pokemon Concierge, and is a new, original series. The announcement comes via the latest Pokemon Presents broadcast held on February 27, 2023.

Rather than following Pokemon trainers and their journeys, Pokemon Concierge is a spin-off of sorts. The story follows a concierge name Haru. Haru works at the Pokemon Resort, where the Pokemon themselves are the guests. The brief trailer gives few more details than that, but shows off a Psyduck taking a a walk on the beach.

It will be produced via stop-motion animation from Dwarf Studios. Dwarf Studios also produced Rilakkuma and Kaoru, a stop-motion series featuring Rilakkuma, the bear character created by San-X. Dwarf Studios founder and head Tsuneo Goda is the creator of Domo-kun, the famed mascot of Japan’s NHK broadcaster. Dwarf also produced the Domo-kun animated shorts.

You can see the announcement at the 5:04 mark in the Pokemon Presents video below. It begins with an introduction, then a first clip showing the series’ stop-motion animation.

The Pokemon Concierge animated series is in production and will appear on Netflix. Netflix also hosted the Pokemon Journeys anime mini-series.

Josh Tolentino
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