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Pokemon Dracovish Plush Will Come With a Choice Held Item

Pokemon Dracovish plush

Takara Tomy has opened pre-orders for a Pokemon plush of Dracovish. Those in Japan will be able to add the 1/4 scale plush of the fossil Pokemon to their homes for 12,999 yen (~$114.5).

Dracovish is a fossil Pokemon that players can resurrect in Pokemon Sword and Shield by combining the Fossilized Fish and Drake. It is originally known to have a height of 7’07” (2.3m) and weighs 474 lbs (215 kg). This plush will shrink the Pokemon’s size to around a quarter of the original height at just 58 cm (~ 2 ft). Anyone will be able to hug and carry the plush since it will only weigh around 1,235 grams (~2.72 lbs). People can also place something into its open jaw to simulate its signature move, the Fishious Rend.

The plush is described as having a Strong Jaw ability and Fishious Rend as its attacks. When pre-ordering the plush, buyers can choose between the Dracovish plus that comes with either the physical attack-enhancing Choice Band, or the speed-raising Choice Scarf as held items to simulate competitive matches.

Many Pokemon plushes are available in Japan with varying sizes from life-sized ones to reduced scales. Some of the recent examples include a 1/2 scaled Arcanine, a big Garchomp, and a life-sized Lucario.

Pre-orders for the Pokemon Dracovish plush are available in Japan until January 5, 2022. Takara Tomy will deliver the finished products in mid-June 2022.

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