Pokemon Evolutions Episode 2 Focuses on Lillie

Lillie Pokemon Evolutions Episode 2

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 2 is here and offers a look at the things Lillie went through in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Following the pattern established in the web series’ first episode, this second one takes a major NPC and shows what major events in the game they went through. It also offers an opportunity to see how it shaped them and their relationship with Pokemon.

Editor’s Note: Pokemon Evolutions Episode 2 contains spoilers for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The new episode of the show offers insight into what Lillie went through during the Nintendo 3DS games and her relationship with Nebby. It begins with her in the middle of some sort of journey. However, while she is doing so, she also experiences flashbacks of things that happened prior to that point. (The first episode, featuring Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Leon, proceeded in a similar fashion.)

Here is the Pokemon Evolutions Episode 2: The Eclipse starring Lillie (and Nebby).

OLM Studios, the animation studio responsible for multiple Pokemon anime adaptations and movies, is behind this new web series. Eight episodes total will air, each based on a different entry in the series. Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3 will appear on on October 7, 2021. That installment will be based on Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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