Pokemon GO February 2023 Community Day Pokemon is Noibat

Pokemon GO February 2023 Community Day Pokemon is Noibat

It will be much easier to get a Noibat and Noivern in Pokemon GO, as it will be the featured February 2023 Community Day character. On February 5, 2023 between 2pm and 5pm local time, people will see normal and shiny versions of the character in the wild and in four-star raids. There will also be a $1 Abundant Noise Special Research available.

The Noibats will be in the wild between 2pm and 5pm, as usual, but they’ll only be in raids between 5pm and 10pm. To evolve a Noibat into Noivern in Pokemon GO, they will need 400 candies. If this happens on February 5, 2023, that Noivern will know the normal-type move Boomburst. Getting candy for that evolution will take fewer catches during the event, as there will be a 2x candy bonus active. If someone is over trainer level 31, they will also be be twice as likely to get Candy XL.

However, it should be slightly easier to find Noibat in Pokemon GO in January 2023 as well. The Twinkling Fantasy event is on now and features it. It is one of the characters you’ll see more often in the wild until January 16, 2023. It is also is always available in 10km eggs.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and Apple iOS devices, and the next community day is February 5, 2023.

Jenni Lada
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