Pokemon GO Galarian Ponyta and Farfetch’d Are Lurking About

pokemon go galarian ponyta farfetchd sirfetchd

pokemon go crown tundra uniform

People can get more regional variants in Pokemon GO. Niantic is celebrating the debut of The Crown Tundra, which is now available for Pokemon Sword and Shield, by adding more characters from Galar. Pokemon GO Galarian Ponyta raids are now appearing immediately, while Galarian Farfetch’ds are roaming about. Their evolutions are both also available. The Crown Tundra Uniform is now in everyone’s closet as a possible clothing option.

With the Galarian Farfetch’d, it is appearing in the wild. (And in rather common quantities, as I’ve seen two in my immediate vicinity in the last fifteen minutes.) Once you have one, you must “adventure” with it to evolve it to Sirfetch’d. This means making it your buddy, then getting 10 “Excellents” when you throw Poke Balls at Pokemon. These don’t have to be done in a row and it is a collective count.

The Pokemon GO Galarian Ponyta raids appear as one-star raids. Since Ponyta candies are universal, you could immediately evolve one to Galarian Rapidash if you already have 50 pieces of candy.

As for the new outfits, the Crown Tundra Uniform is a full body outfit. You can find it under Tops in Style. There are matching black Crown Tundra Gloves, a brown Crown Tundra Bag, and brown Crown Tundra boots.

Pokemon GO is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices

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