Pokemon GO Ultra Beast Arrival Event Announced

Pokemon GO Ultra Beast Arrival Event Announced

It will be much easier to find and battle Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO soon, as an Ultra Beast Arrival event is coming up next week. On November 27, 2022, people can take part in Timed Research and five-star Raids to encounter seven of them. However, these Raids will only appear worldwide between 11am and 5pm local time for players.

Depending on where you live, different Ultra Beasts will appear at gyms in Pokemon GO. Both Nihilego and Guzzlord will be everywhere. However, a few others will only be in certain countries. For example, in North and South America, Buzzwole, will show up alongside Nihilego and Guzzlord. If you are in Europe, you’ll see Pheromosa too. The Asia-Pacific countries will also get chances to catch Xurkitree. In addition, everyone in the Northern hemisphere will see Kartana, while the Southern hemisphere folks will see Celesteela.

There will also be Timed Research showing up. Niantic didn’t note how many steps will be involved. However, it did note it will be connected to the Ultra Beast Raids. It noted people who take part will get a chance to face Buzzwole, Celesteela, Guzzlord, Kartana, Nihilego, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree.

Finally, the announcement also mentioned which Pokemon will show up around the gym if someone beats the Ultra Beast there. You’ll see Absol, Dedenne, Frillish, Gulpin, Minccino, Machoke, Magmar, and Scyther more frequently briefly.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, and the Ultra Beast Arrival event will appear on November 27, 2022.

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