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Pokemon Home to Undergo Maintenance on March 6 to Fix Pokedex Registration Error

Pokemon Home Maitenance Pokedex Registration Magearna Fix

Maintenance for Pokemon Home will take place on March 6, 2020 to fix a Pokedex registration error. This will resolve distribution issue regarding Magearna. Players would receive this Pokemon if they had completed their Pokedex before February 14, 2020. Maintenance will take place from 01:30 UTC to 8:00 UTC. The Pokemon Home service will be unavailable to use during that time. [Thanks, Serebii!]

This issue included some players receiving the standard Magearna with tackle and growl, while others received the Original Color Magearna and ribbons. Players could only receive this Mythical Pokemon by completing their National Dex in Pokemon Home. This is the first time Original Color Magearna has been available for players to collect. Upon completing the National Dex in Home, players would receive the exclusive Original Color Magearna through the Gift system.

Future maintenance for Pokemon Home was also mentioned in the update. In a later patch, the issue regarding the Pokedex registering incomplete despite being filled will be fixed. However, there has been no date for when the patch regarding this issue will hit.

Another issue with the Home service has recently been resolved. This involved Pokemon losing their IVs when transferred through the service.

Pokemon Home is available for the Nintendo Switch, Android devices, and Apple iOS devices. This service allows players to transfer Pokemon between generations of games. While this service does have a free and paid model, theĀ free version does come with some limitations.

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