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Pokemon Home Will Undergo Maintenance to Resolve Hyper Training Issue

Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home will be undergoing maintenance from 01:30 to 11:20 UTC on February 25, 2020. This is to resolve an issue with players losing their Hyper Training information. Hyper training is a method of training your Pokemon that allows players to maximize one or more of their Pokemon’s IVs. While this might not be a major concern for more casual players, acquiring IVs (or individual values) are extremely important for more competitive play.

The official Play Pokemon Twitter posted the information about this maintenance period, along with how to restore your Hyper Training information. It’s really quite simple, if not a bit tedious. In order to have your information restored you will need to move any Pokemon you transferred from Pokemon Sword and Shield back to Pokemon Home before maintenance begins. This means that players affected by this issue have three days to transfer their Pokemon to restore their lost IVs. After the maintenance period ends, you will be able to transfer your Pokemon back to Sword and Shield with their IVs restored.

Pokemon Home is a relatively new, but highly anticipated, service that went live on February 11, 2020. Pokemon Home allows players to manage their Pokemon from across multiple generations. While this service does have a free and paid model, the free version does come with some limitations.

Pokemon Home is available for the Nintendo Switch, Android devices, and Apple iOS devices. Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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