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Pokemon Wild Area Search Will Let People Explore A Diorama Of Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Wild Area

By Jenni . October 16, 2019 . 10:30am

Pokemon Wild Area Search will let users explore a diorama made by 10 artists that will be filled with CG Pokemon.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Shows Off Gigantamax Pokemon, Including The Early Purchase Bonus Meowth

By Jenni . October 16, 2019 . 6:13am

The latest Pokemon Sword and Shield video shows off new Gigantamax forms for Butterfree, Charizard, Eevee, Meowth, and Pikachu.

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Pokémon Sword & Shield Shares A Look At Gigantamax Meowth, Pikachu, Eevee, And Charizard

By Sato . October 16, 2019 . 4:55am

A Pokémon Sword & Shield presentation is set to take place this morning but we got a sneak peek at what appears to be Gigantamax Meoth, Pikachu, Eevee, and Charizard in CoroCoro Ichiban’s latest issue.

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Next Pokemon Sword And Shield Presentation Is October 16, 2019

By Jenni . October 15, 2019 . 7:15am

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Research Update video will be released on October 16, 2019.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Download Cards Say It Will Be 10.3GB

By Jenni . October 14, 2019 . 7:42am

The Pokemon Sword and Shield file size is apparently 10.3GB, compared to Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!’s 4.2GB.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Show Off A Look At The First Town’s Houses And Facilities

By Alistair . October 13, 2019 . 1:12pm

Game Freak recently released a short video for players who preordered Pokemon Sword & Shield that shows off the first town that you visit in the Galar region, that happens to house the Pokemon Lab.

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Galarian Ponyta Is A Psychic-Type Found In The Glimwood Tangle Forest

By Jenni . October 9, 2019 . 8:28am

More Galarian Ponyta and Glimwood Tangle Forest details have been revealed, confirming this Ponyta is a Psychic-type and offering official screenshots of some of the creatures found in that forest.

Post 806212

Galarian Ponyta Can Only Be Found In The Wild In Pokemon Shield

By Jenni . October 9, 2019 . 6:12am

An early image from Famitsu confirms that Galarian Ponyta will be among the Pokemon Shield exclusive Pokemon.

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The 24-Hour Pokemon Sword & Shield Livestream Reveals What Seems To Be Galarian Ponyta

By Alistair . October 5, 2019 . 8:00am

The 24-hour livestream for Pokemon Sword and Shield has come and gone, and we had a new reveal with Galarian Ponyta.

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Pokémon Sword & Shield Kicks Off 24-Hour Livestream Inside The Glimwood Tangle Area

By Sato . October 4, 2019 . 6:45am

Professor Magnolia’s assistant Sonia just kicked off a 24-hour livestream that takes us into Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Glimwood area. So far we haven’t seen much, but who knows what awaits.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Only Has 8 Major Gyms In Each Version

By Jenni . October 4, 2019 . 5:42am

There won’t be 18 gyms to Challenge in Pokemon Sword and Shield. An updated statement says each game will have eight.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Director Ohmori And Producer Masuda Answer 101 Questions

By Alistair . October 2, 2019 . 3:00pm

Following various new pieces of information regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield that released yesterday, a new interview with 101 rapid-fire questions has also been released for the game.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Has 18 Gyms In Total, And Will Likely Let You Change Pokemon Natures

By Alistair . October 1, 2019 . 1:00pm

There’s a bit more to share for Pokemon Sword & Shield, including that it will have 18 gyms to fight in total, as well as seemingly ways to change Pokemon nature and other hidden stats used in competitive battling.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Won’t Have HMs, But Will Have Optional Autosaves And Experience Sharing

By Jenni . October 1, 2019 . 10:30am

While Pokemon Sword and Shield will distribute experience among party Pokemon and introduce optional autosave functionality, it won’t have HMs.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Galar ‘Live Footage’ Will Show Glimwood Tangle For 24 Hours

By Jenni . September 27, 2019 . 7:04am

People will get a 24-hour look at the Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Glimwood Tangle and its resident Pokemon on October 4, 2019.