The Pokemon Illumination Area is Now Open at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest

Pokemon Illumination at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest

From now through February, the Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest will feature a special “Pokemon Illumination” area based on Pokemon‘s world. The new area opened today at the amusement park located in Sagamihara, Japan. 4Gamer provided a look at photos from the sneak preview event yesterday.

Pokemon Illumination

The Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest is famous for its yearly large-scale Sagamiko Illumination that takes place from November to April. You can find the Pokemon Illumination area on Pokemon Street. Attendees should be able to notice it right away when they see a bunch of Pokemon with pretty lights.

Pokemon Illumination

The Pokemon Illumination started with Pikachu’s Pika-Pika Lighting Show. It’s essentially an opening ceremony for Pikachu to “power” the event. This particular opening show will only be available on the weekends.

Eevee Friends' Rainbow Chairlift

For 700 yen, you can ride on the Eevee Friends’ Rainbow Chairlift. The entire lift is illuminated by colors based on the Eeveelutions.

In addition to classic Pokemon like Charmander and Squirtle, the Pokemon Illumination event will feature some of the latest Pokemon like the Legendary Calyrex introduced in the second Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC pack.


Check out more photos from the event on 4Gamer.

The Sagamiko Illumination and Pokemon Illumination will be available until April 4, 2021. In case you missed it, check out this new official Metapod sleeping bag.

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