Become a Metapod With This Official Pokemon Metapod Sleeping Bag

Pokemon Metapod Sleeping Bag

Have you ever dreamed of being a Metapod so that you could do Metapod things for the rest of your life? Well, now you can, with the official Pokemon Metapod sleeping bag. That’s right, for the price of 35,000 yen, you too can become a Metapod, the very same Metapod that survived Pinsir’s pincers, defeated the samurai boy, and taught us the meaning of friendship in the Pokemon anime.

Metapod stats

The above is a look at the Metapod Sleeping Bag stats. It measures about 1,500 mm in length, or 1,700 mm from head to toe, with a height of about 970 mm. The inside is filled with a fluffy cushion.

Pokemon Metapod Sleeping Bag

For a better idea, check out the guy in the above image for a demonstration. The model measures about 175 cm (about 5’7″) and weighs 65 kg (roughly 143 lbs).


What can you do as a Metapod, you ask? Well, you could sit at home and space out. Or sit there and stare.

Lazy Metapod

You can laze around like this or laze around like that.

Metapod Sleeping bag

The possibilities are endless.

Metapod Sleeping Bag

The Pokemon Metapod Sleeping Bag that “you’ll never want to get out of” will release in Japan in April 2021. Pre-orders are now live in Japan for 35,000 yen (roughly $334) at the Premium Bandai shop.

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