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Pokemon Manga Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet is Now Online

The Pokemon manga Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet has started serialization. You can read it on Twitter (X) and Instagram.

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The story starts with Kumura, a researcher, showing off her new invention while something that looks like a protein bar is in her mouth. Her childhood friend Kanmi scolds her for her eating habits. Kumura’s machine lets her look into a Pokemon’s dream, and she attaches a Snorlax to it. The Snorlax’s dream implies that it wants to eat sludge rice so Kumura gets a Muk to slime all over a bowl of rice, which the Snorlax eats happily. This excites Kumura, since it proves that her machine works.

According to the Pokemon website, there will be six chapters in total. You can read it on the official website for Project Snorlax. The Pokemon Company first announced Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet in June 2023 as part of Project Snorlax. A video that came out for Project Snorlax featured a woman relaxing with the Pokemon. The campaign focusing on marketing Snorlax as a cute Pokemon who fits in your daily life rather than on it as a fighter.

The current-gen mainline entry, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is readily available on the Nintendo Switch. You can read new entries of Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet on Project Snorlax’s Twitter.

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