Pokemon Mimikyu Necklace by U-Treasure Will Come in Silver, Gold and Platinum

Pokemon Mimikyu Necklace

Pokemon and U-Treasure are teaming up for another Pokemon-themed necklace, and this time it will feature the Disguise Pokemon, Mimikyu. It will come in five variants: Silver, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold, and Platinum.

Pokemon Mimikyu NecklaceMimikyu is known as the small Ghost-type Pokemon that hides under a Pikachu-like veil. U-Treasure made the necklace with Mimikyu’s distinct characteristic in mind. If you look under the Mimikyu, there are two amethyst rocks made to represent its glowing eyes.

Get a closer look at the Pokemon Mimikyu necklace below:

Pokemon Mimikyu NecklaceThe Mimikyu part of the necklace measures 13.9 mm (H) x 8.7 mm (W) x 9.5 mm (D). The chain is 45 cm long, and it includes an adjuster. The price varies from silver to platinum:

U Treasure and Pokemon

U-Treasure will take pre-orders on its online shop until November 9, 2020, for the Silver and K10 Yellow Gold options. The K18 Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold, and Platinum options don’t have an end-date for orders but will take approximately five weeks to ship out.

Pokemon and U-Treasure previously teamed up for an electric Pokemon-themed necklace featuring Pikachu, Raichu, and other electric rat Pokemon.

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