Pokemon U-Treasure Electric Type Necklace

Pokemon and U-Treasure Collaborate on a New Electric Pokemon-Themed Necklace

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U-Treasure and Pokemon are teaming up to release a new electric Pokemon-themed necklace. This new piece of jewelry features some of the most iconic electric-type Pokemon in the franchise. This necklace comes in two variants, so you can choose between gold and silver versions. Electric-type fans can grab this necklace via the U-Treasure online shop for ¥49,500 or $460 if they want the 18 karat gold version. The silver version of this necklace isn’t anywhere near as steep and comes in at ¥11,000 or around $100. Reservations for the the necklace begin on April 21, 2020, and the item will be shipped out in August 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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Pokemon U Treasure Necklace

Additionally, if you reserve either of these necklaces before May 26, 2020 they will come with a special cleaning cloth featuring Pikachu, Raichu, and other electric rat Pokemon. The cleaning cloths are available to purchase separately for ¥1,100 or $10. This isn’t the first time Pokemon and U-Treasure have collaborated. Other Pokemon-themed items can be found on their website, all ranging from necklaces to rings.

Other recent collaborations with the Pokemon brand include the release of Original Stitch Pokemon shirts. Pokemon fans can mix and match their favorite Pokemon prints to create a truly unique shirt. However, unlike the U-Treasure collaboration, fans can purchase these limited print shirts from the Original Stitch English storefront.

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