Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 2 Has Bea Fighting to Be Her Best


Pokemon Twilight Wings episode 2 has appeared, and the focus has slightly shifted. It stars Bea, the fighting-type Stow-on-Side gym leader from Pokemon Sword, as she engages in some close combat to attempt to make herself a superpower. The almost seven minute episode is available to watch online.

This second episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings features some callbacks to the first. In that episode, we watched two children in a hospital see Leon, the current champion, beat Bea in a match. We also saw one of the children give Chairman Rose a picture he had drawn. So, Pokemon Twilight Wings episode 2 begins with Chairman Leon and his assistant, Oleana, learning that Bea is taking a few days to train in the Wild Area after the defeat. We also see that same picture under some books on Oleana’s desk.

Once Bea gets to the Wild Area, it is time for some all-out pummeling with Machop, Machamp, and Machoke. The four attempt to bulk up with exercises like push ups and running. But, it starts to seem like Bea can’t detect when she’s going too far, and she and her Pokemon soon find themselves in a spot of trouble.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch.

Jenni Lada
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