Nintendo Switch

Pokkén Tournament DX Trailer Shows What’s New In The Nintendo Switch Version



Pokkén Tournament DX shared a new trailer to highlight what’s new for the Nintendo Switch version of the Pokémon fighter, which includes new Pokémon, 3 vs. 3 battles, replays, and more.


The trailer highlights what’s new for Pokkén Tournament DX, including new battle Pokémon Decidueye plus four more from the arcade with Darkrai, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Scizor for over 20 battle Pokémon to choose from.


Litten and Popplio from the latest generation also appear as support Pokémon. The trailer shows off new ways to battle such as the 3 vs. 3 Team Battle, online groups with friends, replays that you can use to watch and learn by studying your inputs or through replays found online.


There are also daily challenges for rewards and the ability to battle on-the-go with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.


Pokkén Tournament DX launches on September 22, 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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