Pokémon Sword & Shield Details Dynamax, New Pokémon, Characters, Wild Areas, And Gameplay

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Pokémon Sword & Shield had a lot to show during the Direct presentation this morning. Here’s a big recap with details from the official website on the new Dynamax feature, new Pokémon and characters, gameplay, and more.


The Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta


These are the Legendary Pokémon that will be featured on the packages of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. They are shrouded in mystery and are even unknown to those who live in the Galar region.



Its shining blade can cut through anything.


Zacian attacks so gracefully that its movements can even captivate its opponents. It holds what appears to be a sword in its mouth.



Its gleaming shield can turn back any attack.


Zamazenta’s regal and majestic movements overwhelm any opponents that dare face it. Its body is covered in what seems to be a shield.


The following are details on five new Pokémon we’ll meet in the Galar region:




CATEGORY: Flowering Pokémon

TYPE: Grass

HEIGHT: 1′4″

WEIGHT 4.9 lbs.

ABILITY: Cotton Down / Regenerator



Its Pollen has a healing effect – Gossifleur prefers lands with clean water and air, and its pollen has a healing effect. Its pollen works on people, too, and it used to be a common folk medicine remedy for children of the Galar region to be given a tea made from this pollen when they fell ill.



It moves with the wind – Gossifleur travels over long distances by getting blown along by the wind. It controls the direction of its travels by twisting its body and petals.




CATEGORY: Cotton Bloom Pokémon

TYPE: Grass

HEIGHT: 1′8″

WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs.

ABILITY: Cotton Down / Regenerator



Its cotton fluff protects it from enemies – When Gossifleur evolves into Eldegoss, its head becomes covered in thick cotton fluff. This cotton fluff serves as a cushion, helping to protect Eldegoss’s head from damage.



Highly nutritious seeds – The tiny seeds attached to the cotton fluff are said to be highly nutritious and beneficial to both people and Pokémon. Eldegoss spreads these seeds throughout the region by sending them on the wind, making the soil of the Galar region rich in nutrients.




CATEGORY: Sheep Pokémon

TYPE: Normal


WEIGHT: 13.2 lbs.

ABILITY: Fluffy / Run Away


An extremely fluffy body – The white fur that covers their bodies grows throughout their lives, and it will fully grow back in three months even if the Wooloo has been completely shorn. The fur is used for clothing and carpets and the like, and it is very popular as a specialty product of the Galar region.



A friendly Pokémon that craves stability – Wooloo live as a herd and mimic the actions of their Trainer or herd leader. They dislike conflict, and if they need to escape from enemies, they will simply roll away.




CATEGORY: Raven Pokémon

TYPE: Flying/Steel

HEIGHT: 7′3″

WEIGHT: 165.3 lbs.

ABILITY: Pressure/Unnerve



The dashing lord of the skies – It is said that Corviknight is the strongest Pokémon living in the skies of the Galar region. It can often be seen fearlessly soaring through the air. Many say that any Pokémon foolish enough to challenge Corviknight are sent running with just a sharp glare and cry from this fearsome Pokémon.



Using a Flying Taxi to travel from town to town – Corviknight possess superb flying skills and high intelligence. Because of this, many of them work for the company called Galar Taxi, helping transport people from town to town.




CATEGORY: Bite Pokémon

TYPE: Water/Rock

HEIGHT: 3′3″

WEIGHT: 254.6 lbs.

ABILITY: Strong Jaw / Shell Armor



Powerful jaws and muscles – The sharp, jagged fangs of the Bite Pokémon Drednaw are strong and sharp enough to bite through rock and iron. Though it has an extremely heavy rock shell, its well-developed muscles allow it to move quickly.



Putting a Trainer’s skills and morals to the test – Drednaw is known to be extremely vicious, and it takes a skilled Trainer to tame and handle this Pokémon. It seems that some Trainers will release Drednaw back into the wild once they discover they can’t handle it.


Battles with Wild Pokémon

In tall grass or caves, wild Pokémon can jump out at you. Battles with wild Pokémon will occur when you run into Pokémon that you can see wandering around. Some Pokémon will pursue you once they see you, while others will run away.


6_05_pokemon_1 6_05_pokemon_2

Also, the ! mark that will appear above tall grass also seems to be an indicator of wild Pokémon hiding there!


Pokémon Have Abilities

Each Pokémon has an Ability, which can have certain effects during battle, while out exploring, or both. And of course, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have some brand-new Abilities to introduce!


6_05_pokemon_3 6_05_pokemon_4

Cotton Down, the Ability of Gossifleur and Eldegoss, is one of these new Abilities. When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by an attack, it will send out cotton fluff that will lower the Speed stat of other Pokémon!


Next up, here are some details on the characters and the Galar region:



During your adventure, you will be traveling through the Galar region, where you will find many unique locations, such as huge grassy plains filled with nature and towns and cities where people and Pokémon work and live together!

Another characteristic part of Galarian culture is the way Pokémon battles are regarded as the most popular form of entertainment across the whole region.

Challengers face off against the Gym Leaders in Pokémon battles held in the various stadiums found throughout the region. Whenever there is a battle, these stadiums ring with the passionate cheering of large crowds of fans and spectators.


6_05_people_1 6_05_people_2

You will find many unique locations throughout the Galar region.


6_05_people_3 6_05_people_4

Pokémon play a huge role in the Galar region. Not only are Pokémon battles considered the best entertainment, but many companies are eager to include Pokémon as part of their workforce!


Main Character


Main Character (Male) Main Character (Female)


You can choose how you want to look at the beginning of your adventure.




Leon is the current Champion of the Galar region and has never been defeated in an official Pokémon battle. His personality, together with his peerless skill, has made him extremely popular. He truly deserves the title of “the greatest Trainer in all of Galar”.




Hop is Leon’s younger brother and will become one of your rivals. He and you are neighbors, and you’ll begin your journeys on the same day. He aims to become Champion, just like his older brother did.


Professor Magnolia


Professor Magnolia is the preeminent Pokémon Professor of the Galar region. Her main focus of research has been the Dynamax phenomenon. She shares her home with Sonia and has given her a certain research task…




Sonia is the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia, and she’s Leon’s childhood friend. She’s also a young researcher, who serves as assistant to Professor Magnolia. She’s very knowledgeable and will offer helpful advice to aid you on your adventure!


The Pokémon League

In the Galar region, the Pokémon League is where Trainers from all over gather to compete and hone their skills at Pokémon battles. You’ll have to take on the Pokémon Gyms found around the region as you join the competition in trying to reach the pinnacle of the Pokémon League to attain the title of Champion for yourself!


6_05_people_5 6_05_people_6


Gym Leaders and Dynamax Pokémon

There are stadiums that hold Pokémon Gyms throughout the Galar region. Each Gym attracts Pokémon Trainers that are experts in specific types.

In order to challenge the Champion, you and your rivals will need to defeat the top Trainer for each Pokémon Gym, who is known as the Gym Leader. The battles with these Gym Leaders often involve intense clashes between Dynamax Pokémon.

Spectators will flock to the Gyms’ stadiums to view these battles, and the matches are broadcast on television as well.




Milo is one of the Gym Leaders of the Galar region. He has a kind heart and is well liked by the Trainers of his Gym. His credo is to always enjoy battles, and he specializes in endurance matches using Grass-type Pokémon.

6_05_milo_1 6_05_milo_2


Lastly, here’s a recap of gameplay features including the Pokédex and Rotom Phone, the Wild Areas, Dynamax feature and Max Raid Battles:


About the Pokédex and Rotom Phone


Any Pokémon that you find or catch during your adventure will have its information registered in the Pokédex. The Pokédex in these titles will actually be part of your Rotom Phone! Your Rotom Phone is also home to Rotom, a Pokémon that can enter into various electric appliances. And your Rotom Phone can do a lot more than serve as a Pokédex!



For example, you can attach it to your bike to make it move faster on land, or it can even help you travel over water!


Pokémon Become Huge with the Dynamax Phenomenon

Dynamax is a phenomenon unique to specific locations in the Galar region, where Pokémon are able to take on gigantic appearances. Pokémon from the Galar region are capable of Dynamaxing, and the Dynamax Pokémon become tremendously strong.


6_05_dynamax_1 6_05_dynamax_2

Each Dynamax Pokémon is super dynamic!


6_05_dynamax_3 6_05_dynamax_4

Pokémon you encounter can Dynamax!


Pokémon Battles Specialized for Dynamax

The Dynamax phenomenon, which allows Pokémon to become tremendously powerful, is an integral part of Pokémon battles in the Galar region. Dynamax Pokémon don’t just become bigger—they get a boost in power as well. But they will return to normal after three turns, so make sure think carefully about when to trigger the Dynamax phenomenon!



You can only Dynamax your Pokémon once per battle!



You can only Dynamax your Pokémon in specific locations of the Galar region, like in the stadiums of Pokémon Gyms.


The Key Item for Dynamaxing: The Dynamax Band


Naturally, the Dynamax phenomenon is the topic of much research in the Galar region. A special item known as the Dynamax Band is the product of such research. Only Trainers who possess a Dynamax Band are able to Dynamax their Pokémon.

6_05_dynamax_7 6_05_dynamax_8


Max Moves

All the moves of a Dynamax Pokémon will turn into special Max Moves. Max Moves pack a punch, but that’s not all! Some of them can even trigger powerful additional effects!


6_05_dynamax_9 6_05_dynamax_10

The Max Moves your Pokémon can use are determined by what kind and types of moves they knew before Dynamaxing.


6_05_dynamax_11 6_05_dynamax_12

The Normal-type Max Move called Max Strike has the additional effect of lowering the Speed stats of opponents it hits!


Check Out the Natural Beauty of the Wild Area

There is a vast expanse of land in the Galar region which is known as the Wild Area. The Wild Area is full of nature as far as the eye can see, and it connects several different towns and cities.

You’ll find a greater variety of Pokémon living here than anywhere else in the Galar region. The Pokémon you’ll run into will change depending on things like the weather or location, so you might see something new each time you visit!


6_05_wildarea_1 6_05_wildarea_2

The Wild Area can be reached through various towns and cities, and it contains untamed wilderness!


6_05_wildarea_3 6_05_wildarea_4

It seems the Pokémon you’ll run into will change depending on things like the weather or location.


Have a Look Around the Wild Area

While in the Wild Area, you’ll be able to control the camera in order to explore the vast space around you and search for Pokémon and items.

6_05_wildarea_5 6_05_wildarea_6


Participate in Max Raid Battles with Other Trainers

Max Raid Battles are a completely new battle format where you will team up with three other Trainers in order to take on a wild Dynamax Pokémon. You’ll get a chance to catch the wild Dynamax Pokémon that you face if you manage to defeat it.



But don’t get too confident. The wild Dynamax Pokémon will remain in their giant form for the entire battle and have other unique powers to boot. They won’t go down easily!

Only one member of the group, consisting of you and your allies, can Dynamax a Pokémon during Max Raid Battles, so close teamwork is key. Additionally, some things you can do in the Wild Area, like Max Raid Battles, can become even more fun by connecting with other players.



Face a wild Dynamax Pokémon together with friends!



Only one Trainer out of your foursome can Dynamax their Pokémon and only once per battle.



Cooperating with your allies is the key to victory.



Even catching the Pokémon is super dynamic!

The wild Dynamax Pokémon you’ll face in Max Raid Battles seem to vary based on where you are in the Wild Area or what the weather is like.

The weather in the Wild Area changes every day, so be ready to meet a variety of Pokémon each time you visit. Also, it seems that some Pokémon can only be caught in Max Raid Battles!


6_05_maxraid_5 6_05_maxraid_6

For example, you can face Steenee when it’s sunny and Lanturn when it’s raining!


Team Up with All Sorts of People As You Face All Sorts of Dynamax Pokémon!

You can join up with people near you to participate in Max Raid Battles, but you can also connect to Pokémon Trainers around the world via the internet and face Dynamax Pokémon together with them!




Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield release for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. If you missed it, check the full Pokémon Direct presentation in our previous report.


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