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Poll Says Most Popular Fire Emblem Engage Character Is Alear

Results from a poll translated by Serenes Forest from Nintendo Dream magazine named Alear the most popular Fire Emblem Engage character. The poll was announced back in February 2023, and the results were published in the June 2023 issue of Nintendo Dream. Also included was a two-sided poster of ranking characters and part two of a developer interview that began in the previous issue. Alear came out on top, followed Diamant and Alfred the lords of Brodia and Firiné. [Thanks, Serenes Forest!]

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The top 25 ranking characters are as follows:

  1. Alear
  2. Diamant
  3. Alfred
  4. Alcryst
  5. Yunaka
  6. Sommie
  7. Céline
  8. Pandrea
  9. Veyle
  10. Ivy
  11. Framme
  12. Etié
  13. Lapis
  14. Anna
  15. Louis
  16. Goldmary
  17. Hortensia
  18. Boucheron
  19. Chloé
  20. Amber
  21. Kagetsu
  22. Clanne
  23. Panette
  24. Fogado
  25. Vander

In addition to Alear, winning big are most of the Fire Emblem Engage Lords and their siblings, with only Timerra missing out on the top 25. Also of note is that 17 of the top 25 also join your roster in the first half of the game, which could be attributed to players having more time to get to know the characters.

Certain late joiners like Saphir and Lindon were also not included in the poll. 14 other characters did not place in the top 25. Among them are Citrine, Griss, Jean, Lumera, Marni, Mauvier, Merrin, Rosado, Timerra, and Zephia.

Fire Emblem Engage is immediately available on Nintendo Switch. An expansion pass is also available. Those looking for more thoughts on Fire Emblem Engage can read Siliconera’s Most and Least useful characters.

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