Pony Island Isn’t What You Think


What do you think about when you read the title “Pony Island”? It’s probably a verdant island populated by ponies and rainbows, right? Either that, or you see this.


Well, the game called Pony Island isn’t like that at all. Sure, fair enough, there is a pony. But the game is mostly black-and-white and, to be honest, looks quite grim in content. No rainbows and smiles here.


In fact, it’s a “suspense puzzle game in disguise.” The idea is to escape from a malfunctioning arcade game designed by the devil. It’s a kind of limbo – a place between life and death – where you’ll need to “think outside of the box” by delving into a bit of computer hacking.


Originally created for Ludum Dare, you can now purchase a fuller version of Pony Island over on Steam.

Chris Priestman