Porter Robinson Vocaloid Voicebank is Called Po-uta

A new Po-uta voicebank with the voice of Porter Robinson has been released for Vocaloid 6.

Yamaha Corporation released a new Po-uta voicebank for VOCALOID 6 in collaboration with EDM composer and producer Porter Robinson. This addition is based on Robinson’s well-known high-pitched voice and includes 13 artist-approved vocal style presets. The name “Po-uta” is a play on words between Porter and the word “uta,” which means song in Japanese. You can find this voicebank for $108 right now on the official site. However, in order to use it, it is necessary to have purchased the $225 VOCALOID 6 software beforehand.

As part of the release, Porter Robinson made a new demo song called “Humansongs.” It is designed to show what this vocal bank is capable of doing. The song goes for a “robotic” style similar to the songs made famous by Vocaloid‘s own Hatsune Miku. Although, Robinson stated that the voice has options to sound more “human-like.”

Po-uta also supports multilingual functions, enabling it to work with Japanese, English, and Chinese. Additionally, it works with the Vocalo Changer function, enabling users to reproduce their own singing style using the voicebank.

Porter Robinson has long been known in the anime and video game communities. In 2016 he released “Shelter,” which received an official anime music video made by A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online). More recently, in 2022 he released the single “Everything goes on” for League of Legends.

Robinson explained that he himself has been a fan of Vocaloid songs and invited people to use this voicebank in their own creations. In fact, some users have already started testing the voicebank.

The Po-uta voicebank is available to download worldwide from the official Vocaloid site for $108 plus tax. VOCALOID 6 is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

Frank Reyes
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