Potionomics Potion Shop Management Sim Released for PC


Potion sellers, prepare your strongest potions. Customers will want them whether they can handle them or not. So it goes with Potionomics, a new management sim developed by Voracious Games, which releases today on PC via Steam.

Check out the game’s launch trailer below.

Potionomics puts players in control of Sylvia, a plucky entrepreneur who inherits her late uncle’s struggling potion shop. Saddled with a mountain of debt and cutthroat competition, she must out-brew and out-bargain her rivals to become the premiere potion purveyor in the city of Rafta.

The game is a narrative-driven RPG that blends business management and deck-building elements. Players will manage the shop and balance its expenditures, brew potions and find the most effective recipes, and negotiate with customers. Potionomics negotiations take place using a card-based system, where players balance Sylvia’s stress levels with the demands of the conversation. Players can also befriend the locals, furthering their relationships and forming intimate bonds. Making connections also enhances Sylvia’s negotiation game, unlocking useful bargaining cards to make dealing with picky customers easier.

Potionomics was first announced in 2020, but began making appearances at shows like PAX East this year. Voracious also released a limited-time playable demo during the Steam Next Fest earlier in October.

Potionomics is available on PC via Steam for $24.99. A Deluxe Edition release includes a digital artbook and soundtrack for $39.99. Both editions have a launch discount of 10% and 15%, respectively, ending on October 24, 2022.

Josh Tolentino
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