Xseed Games is Partnering With Voracious Games to Support and Publish Potionomics


During PC Gamer’s, well, PC Gaming Show, Xseed Games showed up with a couple of intriguing announcements. Not only is Xseed Games bringing Story of Seasons to PC gamers for the first time, it’s also partnering with indie developer Voracious Games to publish and support Potionomics.

Potionomics is described as a hybrid genre blend of RPG and a shop simulator. Sylvia is a young witch who runs a potion shop, which is in crisis mode as she is running up against debt collectors. Sylvia is not only responsible for actually brewing the potions, she also has to deal with eccentric, curmudgeonly customers trying to haggle her prices down.

Alongside the kooky customers, Sylvia will also have to maintain her business alongside competing shops cropping up alongside changes in the market and economy. You’ll be helping Sylvia and her shop survive all of these obstacles, while encountering all kinds of RPG tropes and creatures along the way.

It’s early yet, so Potionomics doesn’t have a release date or ESRB rating. However, what’s particularly fascinating about this news is that Xseed Games isn’t just publishing Potionomics. Xseed Games is actually helping fund this project, to not only get it out the door but to help support it after it launches.

Lucas White
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