Power Pro x Chainsaw Man Event Sees Devil Hunters Play Baseball

Power Pro Chainsaw Man

The Devil Hunters of Public Safety Special Division 4 are traveling far and wide. Their latest excursion is out to the diamond, to join a Power Pro and Chainsaw Man crossover. The event will launch in the mobile version of Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball on March 16, 2023 in Japan. [Thanks, Denfaminico Gamer!]

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Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball (also known as Power Pro Mobile) is the mobile version of Konami’s long-running Powerful Pro baseball series. Its gameplay combines training mechanics with baseball mechanics reminiscent of the console-based versions of the game. Players can also build out their teams by collecting characters, all of which are rendered in the game’s distinct chibi art style.

The Power Pro and Chainsaw Man crossover event adds four characters from the series to the roster: Denji, Power, Aki, and Makima. Based on the event details, Denji and Power will be obtainable via the game’s gacha system. Aki can be obtained as a reward for one of the event’s minigames. The details didn’t specify whether Makima would be playable, or if she appears in the game as an NPC. Like other crossover characters, the Chainsaw Man additions will appear in the game’s signature art style.

Owing to the popularity of the manga and the recent debut of its anime adaptation, Chainsaw Man ended up involved in a host of cross-promotions with various brands, including games, merchandise, and more. The characters who appear in the Power Pro x Chainsaw Man crossover also showed up in the world of Goddess of Victory: Nikke in March 2023. In that event, though, Aki and Denji weren’t playable, while Himeno, Power, and Makima were.

Power Pro Baseball Mobile is available on iOS and Android in Japan. The Chainsaw Man anime streams on various platforms, including Crunchyroll and Netflix. WBSC eBaseball Power Pros recently released worldwide on Nintendo Switch, and overseas was priced for just $1.

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