Praise the Sun With This Dark Souls 3 Clock
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Praise the Sun With This Dark Souls 3 Clock

Dark Souls fans will be able to praise the sun even more through UselessUse Laboratory new line of home decor items coming out in March 2024. The collection includes a Dark Souls 3 clock, soup mug with mini plate set, and a wooden small item storage unit.

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The Dark Souls 3 clock features a golden Warrior of the Sun covenant symbol affixed to a traditional 12-hour roman numeral clock made of black steel. Solaire of Astora can be seen praising the sun in place of the roman numeral “VI”. The clock can be propped up against a flat surface or mounted to a wall. The clock will cost ¥11,000 (approximately $74 USD).

The soup mug and mini plate set is embossed with the iconography of Siegward of Catarina. The soup mug’s glaze is grey, to match Siegward of Catarina’s helmet design from Dark Souls 3. The wooden plate states “Long may the sun shine!” under the Siegbrau mug. The cutlery has Siegward of Catarina’s famous line “Hmm…Mmm…” inscribed upon it. The soup mug & mini plate set will cost ¥7,700 (approximately $52 USD).

The wooden small item storage unit is engraved with the bonfire outline and the Soul of Cinder’s outline. The Lothric Castle can be seen carved at the top of the storage unit. The Dark Souls 3-themed unit can hold a smartphone upright, and hold a number of small, thin items within the grooves. It can also be used to display items on a table. The small item storage unit will cost ¥7,150 (approximately $48 USD).

The reservation period will for these Dark Souls-themed home decor items end on October 10, 2023.

Dark Souls III is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Dark Souls 3 clock, soup mug and mini plate set, and small item storage unit will release in Japan in March 2024.

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