English Twisted Wonderland Pre-Registration Opens

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More than a year after its original launch in Japan, pre-registration for the English version of Twisted Wonderland is finally open. It will come out in North America on January 20, 2022. There is no news regarding a European server. Pre-registration awards include Magic Keys and Star Fragments.

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The highest pre-registration bonus, which unlocks at 30,000 players, is a Blessed Magic Key. This will allow players to summon an SR character of their choice. Even without the Blessed Magic Key, Twisted Wonderland does allow players to re-roll their first 10-roll until they have the cards that they want. This means that if you are aiming for a specific SR, you can naturally do so in-game.

Additionally, players can also get Magic Keys, Star Fragments, and Lesson Item 3-Piece Sets. Magic Keys are worth a single summon. Star Fragments and Lesson Item 3-Piece Sets are items you can use to recover AP and increase the amount of EXP you gain, respectively. Once these pre-registration milestones are reached, all players will receive them when the game officially launches.

Twisted Wonderland is an RPG with rhythm game and turn-based battle elements. You take on the role of an ordinary person who finds themself in Night Raven College. Each dorm draws inspiration from classic Disney films such as The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland, and each character is a direct reference to a character from those films as well.

The English version of Twisted Wonderland will launch in the USA and Canada on January 20, 2022. It will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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