Premium Bandai US Storefront Officially Opens

premium bandai us store feature

Bandai is no stranger to merchandising, licensing its IP and others’ IP to make all manner of figures, collectibles, and video games. But even within Bandai, there are various lines of quality, availability, and prestige. That’s where Premium Bandai comes in. This branding comprises figures and collectibles from familiar product lines, such as S.H. Figuarts and Gunpla. But what sets it apart are higher quality builds and variant versions of merchandise you’ll never see available at retailers. Earlier this month, Bandai America announced it would launch a Premium Bandai US store, making importing a little more wallet-friendly. While it’s currently down for maintenance, the online storefront is now officially opened.

The official news is paired with a new product tie-in with the upcoming (sort ofDigimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie release. It’s a Digivice, but not just any Digivice. It’s a Digivice for adults, because that’s the plot of the movie. Again the site is down for planned maintenance as of this writing, so you’ll have to check back in for more details.

If Digimon isn’t your thing, don’t fret; Bandai America has already announced that starting April 2, 2020, tons of other items will go on sale. The marquee items in the initial volley will be some figures previously exclusive to Japan; we’re talking Dragon Ball Figuarts and Gunpla kits. Advertised in a recent press release are the “S.H.Figuarts Vegito Blue,” “MG 1/100 GUNDAM DEATHSCYTHE EW (ROUSSETTE UNIT),” and “RG 1/144 TALLGEESE (TV ANIMATION COLOR Ver.).”

Additionally, if you get to the Premium Bandai site and register before March 30, 2020, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win prizes from Dragon Ball and Gundam.

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