Preorders Begin For Fire Emblem Ike Figure Designed By Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem Ike Figma

Good Smile Company opened pre-orders for a new Fire Emblem Ike figure designed by developer Intelligent Systems. The figure will be 1/7 scale, and will cost $209.99/¥20,000. Pre-orders have begun, and last until July 22, 2021 at 12:00 JST. Orders will ship in June 2022 in Japan and July 2022 in North America.

The figure was teased back in February 2021. Based on his design from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the figure will feature Ike wielding Ragnell.

Ike’s signature armor will have a metallic finish with visible wear and scratch marks. His clothing also has realistic creasing, and his flowing cape is stained and tattered at the ends. Additionally, a special stone brick stand will be included and the figure will be 420mm tall.

Here’s a better look at the figure:

Back in February 2021, Good Smile Company began pre-orders for the Lyn figure also designed by Intelligent Systems. A poseable Lucina figma was rereleased back in February 2021 as well, complete with customizable expressions, hair, and optional sword scabbard.

You can immediately pre-order the Fire Emblem Ike figure through the Good Smile Company online store page. The figure will cost $209.99/¥20,000, and pre-orders will remain open until Jun 22, 2021. It will ship out sometime in June 2022 in Japan and in July 2022 in North America.

Andrew Kiya
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