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Project 575 Will Feature Some Of Project Diva’s Songwriters



Project 575—the Sega developing music rhythm game with a penchant for teaching us non-Japanese speakers the nuances of the language while rapidly pressing buttons—has shown off some of the music it will ship with and the authors behind them. Surprisingly—or not, perhaps, given the fact Sega also works on the Project Diva rhythm series—some of the musicians featured in the Diva games will be contributing music to 575 as well.



For instance, above, Dixie Flatline will be putting in a song called Furisake Mireba, a song that both Matcha and Azuki will be singing during the Japanese Tanabata festival.


Other songs Sega has shown off below:




June’s Sun by daniwellP

A bit of a melancholic tone will be apparent as the two girls sit stuck in their classroom during the rainy season of June in Japan.



009 010

Lovemaking Game by natsu (SCL Project)


011 013

After Unfastening the Bootlace by fuwariP


014 016

Summer Holidays by DIOS and SignalP



018 019

Garden Dystopia by Travolta



Project 575 will be out January 23rd for the PlayStation Vita.