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Project Judge Introduces How To Master The Two Styles Of Combat


project judge battle 9


Project Judge got more information recently, focusing on the battle system and the two styles of combat that players will have to master to get through the game. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)


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One of the biggest characteristics about the battle system in Project Judge are the light and acrobatic attacks that Yagami can pull off. You can kick off walls to deliver a stunning blow to the head and even more actions that haven’t been seen in the Yakuza series before. These actions are not only useful for stunning opponents, but are also a good counter to when you can’t find an opening against the enemies’ constant attacks.


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This game will let you switch between two styles of play – in what is called the Physical Switch system. One is the Enbu style, which uses long-reaching leg swipes in order to deal with groups of enemies at once. The other is the Issen style, which focuses on one-on-one fights with fierce attacks that can break the enemy’s guard. Using the right style in the right situation will be key to winning fights in this game.


project judge battle 7


When battling strong opponents, mastering the Issen style, with charge attacks and attacks that increase in damage based on input timings, will be crucial.


EX Gauge

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You can use the built-up EX gauge as you fight in two different ways – EX Actions and EX Boost. Choosing EX Action lets you deal powerful strikes in a simple manner, while EX Boost strengthens Yagami in several ways, such as increasing attack and speed, giving him super armor, reducing the gauge needed for EX Actions, and making Physical Switch attacks cancelable earlier.

Although it requires a bit of finesse, combos like the below are possible:

project judge battle 11

project judge battle 12

project judge battle 13


The strength needed to survive in Kamurocho

project judge battle 14


The setting is Kamurocho, the same town seen in the Yakuza series. While Yagami regularly gets into trouble with ruffians thanks to his line of work, he’ll also see himself being targeted by a notorious ruffian gang in Project Judge.


project judge battle 15

project judge battle 16


With this gang roaming the streets and messing with the order, the streets are a much more dangerous place. It’s probably best to use whatever you can find to fend them off.


project judge battle 17

project judge battle 18


Furthermore, there are various ways you can improve Yagami’s abilities in Project Judge. Improving his skills one by one is the way to survive in Kamurocho.


Project Judge launches in Japan, Asia, and South Korea on December 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game launches in the West in 2019. We previously reported on the pre-order bonus in Japan here.

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