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Project Pochama Gives the Spotlight to the Pokemon Piplup

Project Pochama for Pokemon Piplup

The Pokemon Company has launched Project Pochama, a promotional campaign that showcases Piplup, a penguin Pokemon. Pilup is one of the three starter Pokemon candidates you can get in Sinnoh. People can follow the project on Twitter and Instagram.

Known in Japan as Pochama, Piplup is the Water-type starter that the player can choose in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in addition to the Grass-type starter Turtwig and the Fire-type starter Chimchar. Just like any other starter Pokemon, Piplup has two stages of evolution. Its middle stage is Prinplup with the final evolution turning it into Empoleon, which also receives an additional Steel type.

This is not the first time The Pokemon Company has launched a specific project for a Pokemon species. The company previously launched Project Eevee, which gave Eevee and its evolutions the spotlight ahead of the releases of Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee in November 2018. The Project Eevee Twitter account also posted a new tweet to help celebrate the launch of Project Pochama.

Piplup will be available as one of the three starters in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearlremakes of the DS games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be released simultaneously worldwide on Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

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