Project Resistance Shows Off Playing As Both Mastermind And Survivor

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While we found out more on Project Resistance’s 4v1 gameplay yesterday, and how the game revolves around a Mastermind trying to kill four Survivors, the game was also present at TGS 2019 today, where live gameplay for both sides debuted. [Thanks, Famitsu 1, 2!]


Check out gameplay of the Mastermind side below:

The Mastermind can add traps and zombies until they run out of Cost points, although Cost points will regenerate naturally over time. The Mastermind watches via security cameras that can also sometimes have additional abilities like firing a machinegun or Enhancers that toughen your zombies, but if the camera is hacked then it becomes unviewable.

Creatures like Tough Zombies can be taken control of so you can directly try to attack and deal damage to the Survivors. It’s effective to place many traps and zombies in places you know the survivors must pass through. The Tyrant is also one of the enemies you can place down and control directly. The Tyrant has a variety of moves it can use. A successful Pulverize move will immediately kill a Survivor.

There seems to be three areas in each map to go through, with each area and puzzle becoming larger and harder to solve. There is also a timer, but more time is added whenever an area is cleared.


Check out the Survivor side below:

On the Survivor side, players will need to work together to complete the objective and thus open the path to the next area, or exit in the final area. They can hack cameras, and use skills unique to each Survivor in order to fend off the Mastermind’s assault.

When caught by traps or zombies, other fellow Survivors can help you out and get you out quicker. As you might expect, it becomes easier to survive if you move together all at once.

At the start of each area, you can access an Item Box where you purchase items with what credits you earn throughout the map. Some items only have 1-2 copies, so you must decide who carries what. If you die, you are respawned at the start of the area, but each death and respawn reduces 40 seconds from the timer. However, critical state allies can be saved to prevent a respawn.


Project Resistance is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch the full trailer for the game here.

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