Protect The Red Stone In Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Red Obsidian Remnant



Players will need to use a variety of combo-capable combat moves against the enemies they find in top-down roguelike dungeon crawler Red Obsidian Remnant, lest they let the demons find the stone that will bring about the end of humanity.


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Red Obsidian Remnant, which is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, offers two classes at the moment. One is the balanced Swordshielder, which can execute slashing combos with its sword and protect itself with its heavy shield, and the other is the Rogue Silver, which can move quickly and excels at aerial attacks. More characters are to come as the game develops.


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Characters can buy new items from shops in the dungeon using loot they find, and these will sell useful items as well as new skills for each character. They’ll be necessary to get, as many monsters and traps stand between the player and the red stone. Attentive players can use those traps to their advantage, though.

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