PSA: People Can Watch Sonic Prime Episode 1 Online for Free

PSA: People Can Watch Sonic Prime Episode One Online for Free

There’s a bit of a “try it before you buy it” offer going on with the new Sonic the Hedgehog show. Netflix uploaded Sonic Prime episode 1 for people to watch online. It is available for free via the Netflix After School YouTube account. The show joined the service back on December 15, 2022.

Netflix didn’t note if this is a limited-time offer or not. There are no ads involved. People can see the almost 42 minute long episode immediately. This is the longest out of all the ones available so far. The other seven episodes are each just over 20 minutes.

Here is Sonic Prime episode 1 “Shattered” to watch online. It sets up the premise for the show as a whole. That is, following the shattering of the Paradox Prism, Sonic finds himself in a multiverse exploring different realities. His goal is to get the prism shards back to restore his home world.

There is only one season of the show available through the service at the moment. The first season only consists of eight episodes. However, the final one does set the story up for a potential season season.

All eight episodes of Sonic Prime are available via Netflix.

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