Sonic Prime Netflix Release Date Revealed

sonic prime release date

Netflix has announced the release date for Sonic Prime. It will premiere on December 15, 2022 worldwide. There will be 24 episodes in total. WildBrain, which is a studio in Vancouver, animated the series and Man of Action Entertainment (Big Hero 6, Ben 10) are both the showrunners and executive producers.

Sonic Prime will have 3D animation, similar to its predecessor Sonic Boom. News of the show first leaked in December 2020, but Sega officially confirmed it in February 2021. According to Netflix, it will be a “high octane adventure” in which Sonic accidentally flies through dimensions following a battle with Eggman. He meets alternate versions of his friends, but they don’t recognize him. Sonic, with the help of his parallel companions, must fight to prevent an evil council from taking over the Shatterspaces and find a way home.

Netflix and Sega released bits and pieces of information since the official announcement of the show. In September 2022, a new trailer came out showing off Sonic fighting against Shadow and Eggman (on two separate occasions). We also know the main cast for the English version. Roger Craig Smith will no longer voice the blue blur, and instead, Deven Christian Mack will. Mack previously voiced Vangelis on Ninjago and Chuck on Angry Birds: Summer Madness. Though Mike Pollock confirmed that he is still Dr. Eggman for the games, Brian Drummond will voice Eggman in Sonic Prime.

The Sonic Prime Netflix release date js December 15, 2022.

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