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Psyvariar Delta Dispatches Westward On PS4 And Switch In Summer 2018



We previously reported that the updated shmup game Psyvariar Delta will release on PS4 and Switch in Japan this August, and Dispatch Games announced that we’re also getting it in the West.


Here’s the announcement trailer from Dispatch:

The Success-developed Psyvariar –Medium Unit- first released for arcades in 2000. It followed with an updated version called Psyvariar –Revision-, and both entries will be available in Psyvariar –Delta- with HD resolution and new options. It also introduces the new “Score Attack Mode” to compete with other players online as well as “Practice Mode”  to test out your skills.


In addition to new music, it’ll also come with two new playable fighters that introduce a new way to attack.


Psyvariar Delta releases in Japan on August 30, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases in North America and Europe in Summer 2018.

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