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R-Type Final 2 To Get Playable Demo At TGS 2019


    r type final 2 sep 1

    Granzella has updated their website for R-Type Final 2 with an update on the development progress on the game, where they also announced that the game will have a trial play version at TGS 2019.


    Here are the highlights:

    Trial Play Version at TGS 2019

    R-Type Final 2’s trial play version will be available at TGS 2019 at Granzella’s booth from September 12-15, 2019.


    Basic Systems and Fighters

    Here’s several screenshots of the game’s implementation of the series’ traditional gameplay systems and some of the fighters worked upon in the last month.

    r type final 2 sep 2

    r type final 2 sep 3

    r type final 2 sep 4

    r type final 2 sep 5


    R-Type Delta Stage Remake

    One of the stretch goals achieved for R-Type Final 2’s crowdfunding campaign was a remake of R-Type Delta, and here are the survey results for the remade stage below:

    1. Stage 6 – Awakening: 20.9%
    2. Stage 1 – Lethal Weapon: 18.4%
    3. Stage 4 – Invasion: 16.0%
    4. Stage 5 – Evil: 12.1%
    5. Stage 3 – Gigantic Attack: 11.7%
    6. Stage 7 – Life: 11.2%
    7. Stage 2 – Deformation: 9.7%


    R-Type Final 2 is in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We recently talked to the game’s director, Kazuma Kujo, for Disaster Report 4 and R-Type, and you can read more about it here.

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