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R-Type Final 2 Wants To Know Which Additional Spacecraft You’d Want To Play As


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    Granzella has announced that they are considering adding a new spacecraft not previously in R-Type Final, and are currently conducting a Twitter poll to find out which one players would like to use.


    Here are the four options below:

    R-104 White Requiem

    r extra 1

    R-104 WHITE REQUIEM is the enhanced model of the ultimate fighter R-99 LAST DANCER.

    When a Wave Cannon is charged, the aircraft itself goes out of control, and the attack power of all weapons equipped with it increases for a certain period of time.

    The cockpit is completely sealed, and no one has heard anything about this fighter’s pilot.


    TW-3B Blue Symphonies

    r extra 2

    TW-3B BLUE SYMPHONIES is a tank offshoot of the ground-based attach vehicle, TW-2 KIWI BERRY.

    The cannon on its head requires 7 Loop charges, but it has the most destructive power among all the aircraft participating in this mission.

    It is equipped with a variety of powerful weapons, including antiaircraft missiles and Rainbow machine guns.

    From the tip of the Force, heroic music roars and which has the effect of encouraging allies.


    BX-1CX Uroboros

    r extra 3

    BX-1CX UROBOROS grew out of the Bydo-type B-1C3 Amphibian III that gained mighty energy.

    When a Wave Cannon is charged at a maximum level, BX-1CX UROBOROS generates optical camouflage on the aircraft and the surface of the Force to neutralize the attack of the tracking system.When the Dose system reaches 100%, the Force will be split into up to three to build up an impregnable defense mechanism.


    R-9usu800 April Fools

    r extra 4

    R-9uso800 APRIL FOOLS is the only aircraft that utilizes the Kikai Machine Force, which was developed by incorporating the technology of the super-machine civilization that occurred in the central region of the galaxy.

    They say that the Kikai Machine Force acts autonomously when it is separated, and it has a function to induce a malfunction to the enemy by showing disillusionment to them.

    R-9uso800 APRIL FOOLS is equipped with the Ending Wave Cannon that shows the staff credit upon firing after 7 Loop charges.


    You can find the Twitter poll below:


    R-Type Final 2 is in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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